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:bulletpurple: I may decline anything I don't feel like doing.
:bulletpurple: I'll only make FiM-related vectors.
:bulletpurple: I can do original style.
:bulletpurple: I can do anything from the show- characters, backgrounds or both.
:bulletpurple: I can do anything from a sketch or line art- if the author doesn't say anything about wanting it to not be redrawn, I'll ask their permission.
:bulletpurple: I may be able to mimic the styles of other artists. Ask for a specific style and I'll tell you if I'm able to draw like that.
:bulletpurple: You will receive the Inkscape SVG and high-res PNG.
:bulletpurple: Unless it's an OC or for some other project where it's important to keep the source closed, I will release the SVG publically.
:bulletpurple: Unless it's for some secret project you don't want to unveil yet, I will release the high-res PNG publically.
:bulletpurple: I may decide to take commissions that are too violent/NSFW to get in MLP-VectorClub.
:bulletpurple: Prices are dependent on the project and its complexity.
:bulletpurple: I won't guarantee the time it takes for me to complete a given project. I can give you an estimate, and progress reports.
:bulletpurple: If something comes up and I'm unable to do your commission, you'll be refunded.
:bulletpurple: I'll keep working on your vector until I'm happy with the result, at least a few hours for simple projects like a single pony.
:bulletpurple: For payment I'll accept bitcoin, or points in case that's the only method you have.
:bulletpurple: I prefer to make the final result reusable under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share-alike license, but you can request for it to be reusable only with your permission, for things like OCs.
:bulletpurple: The commissioner is free to reuse it in any other work, provided they credit me in the description.
:bulletpurple: I will submit the final result to :iconmlp-vectorclub: and other groups if the project is to be released, and if it's appropriate for them.

Estimated Pricing:

:bulletblack: Requests can be made for anything for free and I may accept if I like it enough. For commissions, the general amounts I feel are worth the investment of time are listed below.
:bulletblack: $8/:points: 640 for a single character from the show, in the style of the show.
:bulletblack: $7/:points: 560 for each additional canon character.
:bulletblack: $10/:points: 800 for an OC or original style vector with extra shading, lighting, or stylistic changes.
:bulletblack: $9/:points: 720 for each additional OC or original style character.
:bulletblack: $12/:points: 960 for a simple background from the show, in the style of the show.
:bulletblack: $11/:points: 880 for additional backgrounds.
:bulletblack: If a character has accessories like clothing and jewelry that take a while to draw I may charge extra.

Did I miss anything? Leave me a comment or send a note if you have any questions!
C-quel Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hmmm, the prices seem reasonable. I think I could order something, either of my original characters or of Violet (<=best pony in the show). ^^
stewi0001 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
may you prosper! (I tried to think of something cool and positive to say :XD:
MysteriousKaos Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am interested, funny enough I feel a bit lazy this week to vector, I was thinking of doing a Colgate vector of her holding a gigantic toothbrush and a bandolier full of toothpaste, kinda posing like Cloud from FF VII, how does it sound? If you want points I could pay them as a Premium membership thing....
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